What if we were under a missile attack and no one noticed?

So I got back to my unit from lunch today and everyone started asking me “What’s going on with that missile launch off of California?!”  While I appreciated the vote of confidence in my abilities to stay informed any every potential national security issue AND have access to sources that they don’t (all while eating a veggie burrito at the local Mexican place) I’m afraid I was left in the lurch a bit.

I made a quick assessment however that since I hadn’t heard klaxons ringing, the base hadn’t been locked down and I didn’t see people freaking out everywhere Los Angeles probably hadn’t fallen victim to a nuclear assault.

Still, the sparse information during the afternoon opened up an interesting opportunity to talk about ACH.  We only considered the incident for a few moments (I was hovering around a post lunchtime coma which required at least a 50kt explosion to rouse me). Still, this is the sort of event that’s just perfect for demonstrating the technique.

Check out the video at the bottom of the CBS story.  I have a couple of observations.

I’m no expert but that video doesn’t look like what appears to shaping up to be the ‘official explanation‘ (a jet contrail).  Looks like a rocket to me.
If the government wanted to cover up this event either because it was

  1. an immense screw up by the U.S. navy or
  2. a secret North Korean/Iranian/alien demonstration of some sort of super weapon that we have no defenses against and Uncle Sam doesn’t want us to panic or
  3. we have no freakin’ clue and just want it to go away since we’re heading into the holiday season and don’t want to miss all those Black Friday sales worrying about this nonsense

    Well, they’d probably give us the same reaction (Missile?  What missile?)

    The bench was apparently pretty thin if they had to go to Robert Ellsworth for expert analysis.  He’s kinda creepy looking too.

    Look, I don’t think this is the Chinese, North Koreans, or other rogue nation.  There’s just too much risk.  I suspect the mole people have finally decided to rise up and make a move to push us from the surface world.


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