Talking about Afghanistan over some tea

Allow me to recommend Adagio teas (No – this isn’t a paid endorsement – wait for a sec and the link to Afghanistan will become clear).   I’m a big tea drinker and they’ve not only got a nice selection of teas but you can actually fashion your own blends.

And so, (here’s the connection to Afghanistan you’ve been waiting so patiently for) I made my own that I’m calling ‘Parwan Blend‘.  I attempted to capture my ten months there in a cup of tea and after tasting it last night think I did a pretty good job.

I describe it thusly:

A mix of lapsang souchong (to recreate the smokey taste and smells of open cooking areas), almond (a nod to the ever present candied almonds that were present at most meetings with local elders and officials) and peppermint (to balance the other two and capture the essence of the ‘lightness’ of the Afghan tea I frequently drank) teas.

The smokey lapsang hits you first but dissipates pretty quickly followed by a long almond finish with the mint subtly underlying the whole endeavor.  I’ve only had it straight so can’t tell you what it’d be like iced, with sweetner or milk but if it’s from TwShiloh, it’s GOT to be good!

Best to think of this as a tea ‘inspired’ by Afghanistan rather than trying to replicate the taste of the tea that I actually had there.  In the same way some movies are ‘inspired’ by true events…

For $10 you can get 3oz. of the stuff which is a sizable amount.  For full disclosure I think if a bunch of people buy the stuff I get some free tea or something but really, I just dig tea and thought the ability to blend your own stash was pretty cool.

Now, buckle up and brew some tea because I’ve got some Afghan posts in the hopper.


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