I’m soooo glad I’m not in the Saudi army

h/t Foreign Policy

If Rambo decided to do a community theater version of a Midsummer’s Night Dream it might look like this.  If you’re going to wear a…uniform (I hesitate to give that outfit the dignity of that name) like that you really better be able to work it.  I mean, you better either be so totally badass that your withering glare convinces everyone that even thinking about snickering at you in all your leafy glory would be a life threatening activity or you should be so over the top with your flamboyancy that everyone thinks you’re an out of work art student making some really deep social commentary.


3 responses to “I’m soooo glad I’m not in the Saudi army

  1. Sorry buddy, I forgot to tell you that’s OUR new uniforms coming out right before your retirement. See what you’re going to miss?

  2. Can’t understand why ’em ragheads like the color green this much. Any of y’all could provide me with an intelligent answer?

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