Daily Archives: December 9, 2010

In which I’m left speechless…

Wired has a story about an attempt by the Defense Department to teach “budgeting, finance, congressional compliance and stopping fraud” through the use of video games.  Sound exciting?  Well, hold on and see if you can contain yourself while you read this edge of your seat description of one of the thirteen games:

In “Procurement Fraud Indicators,” you’ve got to determine what’s wrong with a lieutenant colonel limiting a solicitation for a contract to fix an Army base so his son-in-law could win. (If you said “Excluding Qualified Bidders,” you’re correct!)

Oh gawd…I’m pretty sure the description is MUCH more entertaining than the game itself.

Still, I’ll give the DoD props for exploring new ways to introduce content and teach to their legions of bean counting minions.

You can access the games here…don’t say you haven’t been warned.

And the wikileaks confusion continues…

It’s worthwhile to remember that of the 250,000 documents in Wikileaks is slowly releasing, more than half (130,000) are unclassified.  So what’s the deal with them?  Well, the Congressional Research Service is asking for guidance as to whether their analysts could use the unclassified cables for their work.   According to the director:

“…it seems clear that the republication of known classified information by CRS in an unclassified format (e.g., CRS reports or congressional distribution memoranda) is prohibited. We believe this prohibition against the further dissemination of classified information in an unclassified setting applies even if a secondary source (e,g., a newspaper, journal, or website) has reprinted the classified document. The laws and applicable regulations are decidedly less clear, however, when it comes to referencing and citing secondary sources that refer to, summarize, or restate classified information.”

How about a little common sense and explicitly stating that people need not worry about losing their clearances or being subject to criminal penalties for reading the unclass stuff?