Finnish Friday

Redditt has a great thread about people’s ‘favorite culturally untranslatable phrases’.  I suspect this is a well I’ll return to multiple times but today I’d like to highlight our friends the Finns and their colorful language.  And a note to my mother-in-law if she’s reading this:  I can’t believe you never told me about these.

  • Suksi vittun (Suomi- Finnish, I suppose) Literally, “ski into a cunt.” Extraordinarily vulgar form of “go fuck yourself.”
  • “juosten kustu”. It means that something is done half-assed, but it translates roughly like something is like someone tried to pee while running.
  • “Kyrpä otsassa” is a vulgar way to say you’re incredibly annoyed. It means that you have a dick in your forehead (should be visualized as hanging forward, rather than actually in your forehead, for some reason).
  • “Perse edellä puuhun” – To climb a tree with your ass up. Said when something is being done in very inefficient fashion.
  • “pilkunnussija”, meaning “a comma fucker”. Used about someone who corrects little or meaningless things.
  • “satanaan vittu” which means to literally call someone Satan’s Vagina.

One response to “Finnish Friday

  1. F**k yeah! Dude, this here’s one of your BEST posts thus far. Rock on!

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