Kvick Tänkare

One guy expresses an intent to build an IED, gets caught, and is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.  Another guy actually builds one, is arrested and but isn’t given the WMD charge.  The difference? Well, J. has been following instances like this where it seems the trend is:  Muslims get the WMD charge and white dudes don’t.

EnglishRussia does it again with a great photo set from Kamchatka.

I’m not religious and have a lot of respect for people of faith but I have to admit I have nothing but contempt for those who use religion to rationalize their way of life (like these guys).  Don’t tell me you follow the New Testament and then argue that God wants everyone to have a six bedroom house and two SUVs in the driveway.  So, while this isn’t my cup of tea I gotta give this guy some major props for what he’s attempting to do.  (h/t daily dish)

Yeah…this is just weird (and probably NSFW)

Necronomicox sells dildos shaped like Cthulhu and other elder horrors from the other dimension: “We saw a niche that needed to be filled, so to speak.”


One response to “Kvick Tänkare

  1. Dildo /ˈdɪldəʊ/
    1.An artificial phallus (penis), particularly for sexual uses, that may or may not appear realistic.
    2.(pejorative) An idiot.

    Elder horrors. Nice! I’d get one for my b*tch.

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