Intelligence led? Quiz!

So, here are three hypothetical organizational structures.  Assume the orange blocks represent intelligence analysts.  Which organizational structure do you think would best allow for analysts to reflect the descriptions below?

  • are responsible for “connecting the dots” and producing finished intelligence products required for influencing decision-makers.
  • regularly engaged  and formally requested to produce appropriate analytical intelligence support for ongoing operations
  • Develop and maintain in-depth awareness of, and familiarity with evolutions in the criminal environment throughout the region, and, as needed, throughout the world.
  • Assist strategic and operational leaders with formulation and production of collection plans

Organization 1

Organization 2

Organization 3


3 responses to “Intelligence led? Quiz!

  1. You’ll have to share…

  2. The further “down the chain” analysts are, their capacity to effectively and efficiently participate in the “led” part of ILP decreases dramatically.

  3. Good food for thought – I saw this post just before my domestically-imposed Christmas stand-down period (no work-related stuff for the better part of two weeks over the holiday period) but I have been thinking about your questions a lot over that period…
    The structure of the organisation is only part of the question…I’ve worked in each of the structures above and I don’t think it’s possible to state that any one is more or less effective than the others. If not the key, then certainly a major enabling factor is the ‘intel-awareness of the organisation: if it understand intelligence and how it is developed and applied then the structure is probably irrelevant – the other key would be to ensure that the size of the intel organisation, regardless of its place(s) in the structure, is proportional to the intelligence support required…

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