The Demolished Ones

Brian from Gamecrafters’ Guild is the lead designer on a new role playing game called The Demolished Ones.  I’ve been fortunate enough to get a peek at Brian’s initial plotting ideas and the game looks like a cross between film-noir and Lovcraftian horror.  There’s some great ideas in there and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.

The project is being financed through donations via Kickstarter.  Interested people can donate whatever they want and different levels of contributions entitle the donor to various ‘rewards’.  They’re seeking to raise $3,000 over the next 57 days and are slightly over 20% of their goal as I write this.  Here’s their pitch video:

So, check it out and become a 21st century Medici by patronizing the arts!  Who knows, maybe you’ll kick off a new Renaissance.


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