A note about the site

Hello dear readers,

Just a note about this site.  Early in 2011 I transferred Travels with Shiloh to its own domain (http://twshiloh.com) and I left this site abandoned but accessible since I knew some posts received a regular level of hits from searching and I saw no need to deny the public the right to access this most excellent content.

Recently I found a technological trick (not that much of a trick actually) which allowed me to cross post new content from my new home to here with just a touch of a button.  Since it requires no work on my part I indulged and so now this site will be updated with my new content as well.

BUT…this site remains a ‘zombie blog’ and does not really have a life of its own.  As it is hosted on wordpress.com embedded items and flash which you’ll see on http://twshiloh.com will not appear here, depriving you of the total TwShiloh experience.

So, I’m very pleased you found (or returned to) this site but allow me to recommend you get your full daily allowance of TwShiloh at the fully functioning blog over here.


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