No interest in alternate narratives about Islam

Why haven’t we heard any prominent Muslims disavow terrorism?  Why have they been silent?  It must because they support terrorists, right?

Hmmmm…maybe there’s another explaination.

Homeland Security Watch has a post about a most interesting event in Wembley Stadium (estimated attendance 12,000).

… Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI), one of the largest Islamic movements, hosted a rally at Wembley Arena outside London.  According to the Press Association, Dr. Qadri “received a standing ovation from thousands of UK Muslims as he denounced terrorism and called for peace.”

Of particular interest was this observation:

It is worth noting that neither The Telegraph nor The Guardian (nor any large US media) seem to have — yet — given attention to the rally.   After scanning the British newspapers online front pages I searched for “Qadri”, “MQI”, and even “Wembley” and nothing specific to Saturday’s event popped-up.   Similar sparse results came from a Google news search.  I found the BBC report only because I made a specific search. (The suicide bombing of a Christian church in Indonesia is, at the same time, getting “top of the fold” attention in many English-speaking media.)

Kind of interesting especially given that the event was also reportedly broadcast to a dozen nations.

So, why wouldn’t this sort of thing be reported?  Are our news agencies so out of touch with modern Islamic thought that they don’t know about this?  Is there some vested interest in not reporting the fact that there is a significant, vocal element within Islam that opposes terrorism?

We report…you decide.


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