a bit of horror

The heat of summer has broken and the air is slowly turning crisp.  Fall is upon us (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) which means we’re creeping up on Halloween season.  So, expect an uptick in horror related posts.

This is perhaps the coolest advertisement for an art exhibit I’ve seen.  Can’t convince your child that going to see a bunch of paintings could be cool?  Show him or her this:

The Tate Museum is holding an exhibition of the works of John Martin.

There’s also a Spanish movie in the works called ‘The Last Days‘.  The plot has an interesting spin on the apocalypse.  Everyone is struck by agoraphobia and afraid to go outside.  Trapped in their homes they get increasingly desperate…mayhem follows.  I suspect success is going to depend on how well the film makers can replicate the sense of claustrophobia AND the fear of going outside.

(h/t Quiet Earth)


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