Remember the Arctic Sea

You may remember the saga of the Arctic Sea which I wrote about extensively back in 2009.  It’s back in the news with some Finnish researchers are now providing a theory as to what exactly was behind that strange set of events.

In their new book, Myrskyn Silmässä (Eye of the storm), Timo Hellenberg and Pekka Visuri explain their theory that biological, chemical, nuclear, or radioactive materials extracted in Russian Kaliningrad, were loaded onto the ship when it was hijacked in Swedish waters.

There was a LOT about that story that simply didn’t make any sense on a whole host of levels.  The idea that a group of pirates would steal a cargo ship for $1.8 million in timber (how does one sell it?), manage to avoid detection around Europe and then mysteriously get recaptured by Russia with accusations and recriminations by Russia, Israel, and European nations.  Followed by the imprisonment of the crew in addition to the pirates and mysterious warnings to journalists to move on ‘or else’.

Further (thanks to Wikipedia), the Guardian reported that in discussions between a Spanish national prosecutor and U.S. embassy officials, the Arctic Sea was referred to as:

“a clear example” of arms trafficking.

More from the story:

Although Gonzalez does not elaborate, his remarks suggest he believes the ship was used by organised criminals to smuggle arms under secret orders from Russia’s intelligence agencies. There has been speculation the ship was carrying S-300 missiles destined for Iran. Others have suggested rockets, smart bombs or even nuclear missiles.

Gonzalez said Kalashov, the arrested mafia suspect, was used by Russian military intelligence to sell weapons to the Kurds in an attempt to destabilise Turkey, a key US ally. The allegation is likely to infuriate Ankara.

Really, how has this NOT gotten picked up by Hollywood yet?


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