Swedish outlaw motorcycle biker strategy

From The Local:

Municipalities in Sweden ought to have the right to ban vests bearing symbols associated with known motorcycle gangs in order to fight organised crime, a leading Social Democrat has suggested.

This is a tough call for authorities all over the world.  When criminal organizations decide to advertise their presence in order to intimidate the population (or other criminal groups) they can have a serious impact upon the community.  BUT, it can also make them easy to identify by the authorities.  Efforts to suppress the most obvious displays of affiliation may eliminate the superficial aspects of the problem but criminal groups will quickly adopt new ways of displaying their membership that rivals, allies and the community will quickly learn as well.

At best, such a measure will give you a brief window of opportunity to enact a more lasting solution, possibly taking advantage of the confusion (if any exists) caused by the new enforcement measure.

By itself, however, it’ll be nothing more than a bit of window dressing.


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