Out of the pages of a Henning Mankell novel

Sweden has built itself up quite a reputation for murder mystery novels which seems a bit odd given their low crime rates.  But here is a story that sounds ready made for Kurt Wallander.

A man and a woman were found brutally murdered on a farm in western Sweden on Wednesday afternoon after the couple failed to turn up for choir practice.

Police describe the victims as a pair of well-meaning farmers who operated a farm in the small village of Långared, about 15 kilometres north of Alingsås.

“It’s a very ugly murder. This is a blameless, industrious pair of farmers who, for some reason, have been subjected to extremely aggravated violence,” Haraldsson told the TT news agency.

Mrs. TwShiloh gave an extra, interesting bit of information.  In a country of 9 million that has a low crime rate and almost all news is local, this story was buried on one at least one of the major news agency’s sites.

Update:  The news on this story picked up after I first wrote this and it appears three people have been arrested of this crime.  Apart from cryptically saying that ‘items were missing’ from the victims home details of a motive remain unknown.  In fact, (if I wanted to indulge the conspiracy theorist in me) I could point out that the above line was used so that readers would assume that theft was the motive when, in fact, it wasn’t.  After all, if the suspects were motivated to kill the victims for a simple theft in order to score a few bucks, why not just say that?

Of course, I’ve reading a story that came originally from a foreign news source so it is possible that something has been lost in translation.  Or I may have just stumbled upon a secret so terrible, it’s been kept hidden for hundreds of years…


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