Yes, Sam. Yes we do.

I was watching a news piece on the terrible housing market in Nevada and a commentator talked about a house that sold for more than $200k a couple of years ago and recently was sold again for less than $70K.

Look, I don’t want to pick on people when they’re down but I have to wonder what people expected when they moved to a desert to live.  Did they really think that quarter million dollar homes were sustainable in this sort of environment?

And now we have to find ways to subsidize people (and businesses) to continue to live in a desert?  Just to be fair, I don’t think we should subsidize people to live in flood plains either.  Call me crazy.

And then I remembered this bit from San Kinnison.  Start at the 1 minute mark and replace ‘food’ with ‘water’ and I think it translates pretty well.


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