H panders to TwShiloh…

I can’t explain my attraction to female members of the human species who adopt the ‘goth’ look but it’s been long standing and most recently manifested ina move crush on Noomi Rapace‘s depiction of Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version of the Millennium Trilogy.

Well, great news from Sweden.  Swedish department store, H&M has announced the introduction of a ‘Dragon Tattoo’ fashion line.  The only photo I’ve been abel to find about the collection appears to be disappointingly short of spiked dog collars (and why you’d leave that out is totally beyond me).

Still, TwShiloh would like to applaud any turn away from boring concepts of fashion and beauty and the embracing (figuratively, of course) of spikes (whether in hair of collars).

And lest you think my obsession totally normal and not at all creepy affinity undermines my credibility I would point you to this article in the Guardian which says that goth people (of which I suppose I could only be considered a ‘wannabe’ member) do quite well in the professional world.


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