Attacking the beehive with a shotgun

Linking to my post yesterday, I submit the following for your consideration.

Perhaps you’ve heard but in Oakland on November 3rd a dude was filming a police line…and got shot for some reason that makes one think those boys in blue shouldn’t have access to anything more dangerous than a Nerf toy.

The fact that you haven’t heard anyone defending the action (Oakland PD and the city seem to be refusing comment) is pretty damning.  Having the guy who advised your PD after the last time you got in trouble for excessive force criticize you isn’t any better.

On the other side of the country, a week after the NY city fire department confiscated Occupy Wall Streets generators for being a ‘fire hazard’ (and right before a big snow storm) the protesters have given up and all returned to their homes, eagerly filling out job applications to McDonalds fire department has been forced to return the generators to the protesters.

As I said, this sort of thing either makes you look like a bully or impotent.  Or both.



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