Ah…my old 107mm friend

Back in Afghanistan we came under rocket attack a few times and the culprit was the 107mm rocket.

Here’s a video of what they sound like when they come in (totally unforgettable sound, btw, and made my first 4th of July home…interesting…)

At War has a post about my little friend.

Traveling at Mach 1.1, a 107-millimeter rocket gives little time for those along its path to react. Even if a counterbattery radar picks up an incoming rocket in flight, the warning might sound only a moment before the arrival of the rocket itself, barely allowing time to flinch. By then the rocket has either passed by or it has struck, delivering its warhead’s explosive blast.

Part 2 of the feature (and it’s really a good and geeky set of articles) explains how Afghan insurgents converted a Chinese multiple rocket launcher into a guerrilla weapon.

With the help of blowtorches and welders, or sometimes with nothing but a rocket and compass, Afghans have adapted the large Chinese 107-millimeter rocket system to another chore – firing one rocket at a time, surreptitiously.

Argh…this set of articles is so good I want to quote them in their entirety here but I shall refrain.  Go to the site and check them out.


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