Nordic News!

Wow…just, wow.  TONS of interesting news from way up North.

You may remember that last year there was a (semi)unsuccessful suicide bombing in Stockholm.  It now appears that the bomber called a phone number in Iraq the day of the attack and also received some funding from a dude in Scotland.  He also seems to have received some training in Syria and Iraq (apparently of highly dubious quality given the results of his attack).

Remember that weird murder I wrote about last month?  Sure you do.  An elderly couple were late for church choir practice and were found brutally murdered with little clue about motive.  Well, two individuals have been arrested in Poland for the crime.  There remain more questions than answers though.  The victims were bound with one dying from blunt trauma to the head and the other being strangled.  If this was a simple robbery AND the suspects wanted to kill the victims aren’t there better (more efficient) ways to kill than strangulation?

The Swedish army has decided to train some of its airborne soldiers in advanced tree climbing.  Why?  To set up get down if they parachute into trees?  To set up good sniper positions?  Well, no…

A Swedish airborne unit has decided to let soldiers take part in a course in advanced tree climbing, saying that the need to salvage unmanned drones from treetops requires them to be skilled climbers.

Fun fact:  If you treasure hunt in Finland, everything found more than 100 years old belongs to the state.  You can get reimbursed (around 20-200 euros) or donate the find and get a ‘certificate of honor’.


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