Afghan roundup

The At War blog had a couple of great stories about women in the Afghan security forces.  There aren’t many in either the military or police forces and one has to wonder at the courage these women have to take these jobs.

Describing one female cadet and the support she got from her family when she decided to join the army, the story then talks about her betrothed:

…her fiancé thinks otherwise. “He says to me from Saturday to Wednesday you are sleeping among American men.” ( Classes are held on those days.)

He also told her parents that he would kill her if she did not quit the army. She said he wanted her to be a housewife and not to work, even though Afghan soldiers make a decent living, earning about $165 a month.

The other story follows a woman who joined the police:

Ms. Tanha, the mother of a boy and a girl, ages 5 and 2 1/2, and a husband who is ill, she had to persuade her family to let her join the police. “I told them women have rights to join the police or army and it has been one of my biggest wishes,” she says.

Helsingin Sanomat has a series  of articles about the Finnish mission in Afghanistan.  Not sure there’s much new here but there’s not much in English about the Finnish experience in Afghanistan so beggers shouldn’t be choosers.

Huh…General John Allen is recommending we stay in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 date set by the president.

Mr Obama announced in June that United States troop levels would fall from their current 97,000 to around 68,000 by September 2012 and continue to leave Afghanistan afterwards at a “steady pace”.

Gen Allen instead wants troop levels to plateau at 68,000 throughout 2013, before withdrawal resumes in 2014, sources in Kabul said.


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