Taking the King’s coin (part 2)

Six years ago (!) I wrote about my experience and doubts about reenlisting in the National Guard.  Well, that enlistment is quickly coming to an end and I’m looking at the end of my military career.

2005 was a very uncertain time at TwShiloh World HQ.  I was still adjusting to life after Afghanistan and events in Iraq were leading me to believe it wouldn’t be too long before I’d be shipping out again (fortunately that didn’t happen).  My family, friends and heck, even my ex-wife, were telling me to get out of the Army.  It simply wasn’t worth it any more.

I guess that argument was also being to mid to late career NCOs throughout the force since Uncle Sam was offering up unheard of bonuses to soldiers with more than 10 years of service.  I was in a definite negative cash flow position at the time and so bit the bullet, rolled the dice and reenlisted, gambling that I wouldn’t get called up again while I came up with a plan to put my life back together again.

And now, in a seeming blink of an eye, I’m done.

Looking back at the past 20 years (well, more like 25 since I had a five year break in service back in the early 90s) I have to say that my decision to join the military right after completing high school was probably the best decision I’ve made in my professional life.  How people don’t think the military is a good option for young people is beyond me.  Simply a phenomenal opportunity.

So, I’ve been asked several times already, what will I be doing with all this new found free time?

I have several large projects planned for the upcoming year.  I don’t want to nail my colors to the mast yet and over commit myself by spilling all the beans at this point but I will share the first of them.

I am in the process of joining a Revolutionary War reenactment group.  That’s right, no sooner do I take one uniform off than I put another on (and this one is pretty snazzy, too).

So, I am enlisting as a private in His Majesty’s 35th Regiment of Foot, also known as the Royal Sussex Regiment. Stay tuned for interesting stories on that front as time goes by.



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