Kvick Tänkare

I, for one, welcome our new celephopod overlords

Immature octopods (Tremoctopus violaceus) have been found with numerous fragments of tentacles of attached to the suckers of their dorsal arms. The probable method of acquisition, the evidence of adaptation for holding the tentacles, and the possibility that the octopod uses these coelenterate tentacles as offensive and defensive weapons are discussed.

They’re smart, they use weapons they can breath underwater and they can walk on land!  Watch this one demonstrate his (her?) fearlessness of us puny primates by disposing of its trash in front of us (retaliation for ocean dumping, perhaps?)

Ok…so Octopi can use tools.  Big deal.  I’ll just stay out of the water.  It’s not like we have to worry about dogs starting to OHMYGOD!

To move the table, Sterling clamped his mouth onto the strut between the legs of the table. He then walked backwards, dragging the table approximately 2 m, until it appeared that either his back leg or tail touched the enclosure mesh. He then jumped onto the table, but as he was still at least a body-length away from the envelope, he had to span the gap between the table and the enclosure mesh by propping his front paws onto the mesh gradually moving them towards the envelope.

Hyperbole and a Half has a brilliantly funny post that re-imagines the whole ‘Tell me how much pain you’re in on a scale form 1 to 10’ in a way that’s much more helpful than what’s out there now.  I really want to paste the whole thing here but that seems a bit cheesy.  It’s definitely worth the click-time though…

Popular Mechanics walks through the final moments of Air France 447 and explains the human errors that led to its crash.  Amazing description of a complete collapse of critical thinking skills during times of crisis.

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