Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

Ouch….FBI is the subject of some lulz

The hive mind scored a symbolic success by released a recording of an FBI conference call that discussed Anonymous and various other hacking entities.

There’s nothing particularly interesting here in terms of content (unless you are, or affiliated with, one of the parties they’re looking at) but I have to imagine this sort of this is going to freak out the powers that be.  Perhaps someone hacked into whatever system stores the recordings of these conference calls or maybe there’s a mole at work.  I can’t imagine either possibility is very attractive.

Then, to rub salt into the wound, a few hours later, Anonymous released the names and email addresses of all the participants who were invited to the call.

This is probably not how you want your Friday to go.

And as a side note, the TwShiloh Snark-o-matic prize of the day goes to YouTube commenter BonkersFFXI who, after listening to the banal banter of the participants wrote:

These guys should just cut the sexual tension and fuck each other



The beautiful sheeple

h/t XKCD