Afghan antiquities (part 2)

I’m sure you remember this post (You better, I just posted it last week and I know you commit this stuff to memory) about the small head I brought back with me from Afghanistan (as in sculpture…not like a shrunken head).  Well, I got some feedback from an anonymous source (source has indirect knowledge of the material and has reported reliably in the past).

I would say with pretty high confidence that those sculptures are Gandharan, probably Kushan period (usually Buddhist motifs).

So…it’s off to google to see what the heck that means.

Gandharan is the name of an ancient kingdom , located in northern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan.

Time to learn yourselves something today.  How about five minutes on Gandharan civilization (which is probably five minutes more than everyone you know)?  It also has some nice examples of the sculpture of that civilization so you can decide for yourself…

The Kushan period refers to an empire that existed roughly from the 1st through 3rd centuries.  The empire was influenced heavily by many surrounding cultures and that seems to be reflected in the diverse styles of their art.


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