Terrifying Tuesday!

Zombies…Africa…international assistance missions…

It doesn’t like the acting will earn an Oscar but might be kinda interesting.

Nazis qualify are horror.  They were (are) pretty creepy so I feel comfortable putting the latest Iron Sky trailer in this post.

A little more traditionally horror (still with the Nazi theme) is Frankenstein Army.

Getting a bit more modern, we’ve got Osambie! Looks totally ridiculous and if they embrace that it might be fun.  The film is independent and seeking backing via kickstarter so if you like the idea, consider throwing in a few bucks.

There’s a new game coming out called Aliens: Colonial Marines and it looks pretty good.  If you’ve got 11 minutes to spare you can see a bit of a walk through of an early version of the game.  It looks like it’s got all the cool parts of the Aliens movie and takes place after the film (apparently nuking the site from orbit wasn’t a sure thing).


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