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What would a Republican presidency look like in 2012?

Who knows, but after watching the debate last night, this movie scene immediately popped into my head.



Kvick Tänkare

Absolutely amazing story about a tragic expedition in Antarctica and just how much people can endure.

What’s with all the stories about pythons in the Everglades?  It seems I’ve been bombarded with them in all my normal information outlets.

We’ve had numerous cases from around the world where top-apex predators have been removed or severely reduced. But here we have a case where a top predator has been added to an ecosystem, and it’s certainly not unreasonable to assume that the ecosystem is going to respond in dramatic ways. But it is a really unique situation; there are really few cases like this.

These posts are getting science-heavy…not sure why other than there’s so much interesting stuff and I don’t have enough to add to them to justify their own posts.  But how…how, dear reader, could I possibly pass up the opportunity to tell you about the recent archeological find that revealed only the third guinea pig skeleton in Europe!  No, it wasn’t Fluffy (well, maybe it was) but this comes from the 16th century!

Want to save gas in your car? Well, stop using the heater!  Instead just do what this Switz Switzer Swissite guy from Switzerland did, install a wood burning stove in your car.

Finally, let’s wrap up with a bit of history. Abraham Lincoln…the rail splitter! Kept the Union together AND kept the world from being overrun by vampires…