Security theater

Some dude in Florida had a major problem with those TSA body scanners and decided to do something about it. In addition to suing the TSA he looked at those sample pictures the TSA released do demonstrate that no employee could never (and would never) use them in an inappropriate way.

He noticed that the images taken revealed the body to be white against a black background and metallic objects also showed up black.

Huh…that was interesting. So, he wondered, what if he had a metallic object on the side of his body? Could it get lost against the background? To find out, he sewed a little pocket on the side of his shirt, inserted a metal case and sailed through the scanner at a nearby airport without a stir.

Then he did it again.

Uh, oh. Is it possible the fig leaf that had covered these scanners had fallen off? Were they even less useful then had already been argued?

The TSA responded with a non-denial denial and avoiding the issue of his findings altogether.

That’s the problem with the emperor’s new clothes…Once somebody says the guy is actually running around ‘tackle out’ it gets pretty hard to have a discussion about thread count and color schemes.

And if reports that representatives of the TSA have ‘strongly cautioned’ members of the media not to report on this story are true, it goes a long way to showing just how little they get the new world we’re finding ourselves in.


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