The horror! The horror!

Well, at long last a movie maker is going to use Chernobyl as a backdrop for a horror movie.  The trailer for ‘Chernobyl Diaries’ is out it looks like it’ll be pretty good.

There’s also a game coming out based upon the comic/TV series ‘The Walking Dead‘.  There’s a trailer out but it doesn’t reveal much of anything.  The website, however, has some interviews with the developers and you can begin to piece together a bit of what the game looks like.  They’re explicitly avoiding the typical zombie shooter in exchange for an episodic story game.  They’re planning on releasing interconnected episodes every couple weeks with each to be playable within a couple of hours.

Mrs. TwShiloh and I finally got to see the Swedish 2006 Frostbittenvampire movie Frostbiten. While it doesn’t break any amazingly new boundaries it was quite well done and took some interesting twists on the vampire story. It isn’t everyday, after all, you can encompass SS operations in the Ukraine AND a high school party in one vampire movie. If you can find a copy with subtitles, check it out.

I also just finished the 2010 ‘zombie’ novel The Reapers are the Angels. Pick this up now! Definitely not the traditional zombie hack ‘n slash, the book takes place roughly 25 years after a zombie apocalypse and focuses on a young girl who’s on her own and traveling throughout what’s left of the Southern U.S. It reminded me of the book Earth Abides (which you really should read as well) and a bit of Grapes of Wrath with of course, zombies and the occasional mutant. It’s so much more than a horror tale and is more a story about how people interact with a world they got rather than one they expected or were promised. This will be one of the few books that gets into my ‘reread’ pile.

Finally, Mrs. TwShiloh and I caught Tucker and Dale Versus Evil which is a romantic-comedy/slasher film.  I can only describe this film as totally charming and a ton of fun.  In stark difference to some of the other mock horror films, you actually like the characters in this one and I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing them in a follow up provided they could come up with a clever enough script.


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