Crazy Swedes

Ladies and gentlemen…another great headline from Sweden.

‘Llama-man’ jailed after nutmeg induced frenzy

Really, is there anything more you could ask from a headline?

What? You want something even more shocking?  How about this?

What your watching is the result of an artist who decided to make a statement to ‘raise awareness’ about female genital mutilation.

Pretty tasteless and racist, huh?  Oh, but that’s not the shocking part.

It took place at the Swedish Modern Museum and the Swedish Culture Minister was there and cut the freakin’ cake! In what world would a politician survive this sort of event for more than an hour? In Sweden.

Say what you like about the American political environment today, dear reader, but at least this sort of behavior is reserved for the ‘Nice job numbnuts, your political career is over!’ file here in the good old U.S. of A.




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