Today is Valborg in Sweden (you might know it better by its German name: Walpurgis Night).  The tradition appears to involve lighting bonfires and singing and drinking or something like that (really, though, that describes just about all Swedish holidays).

In Uppsala, there’s a river that runs through the town and there’s a tradition where university students build weird rafts and see if they can make it downstream without capsizing. Keep in mind…this is Sweden in April.  That water is pretty cold.

It’s also the birthday of the King of Sweden, Carl Gustav XVI.  I’ve asked Mrs. TwShiloh what her plans are as a loyal subject and she’s been rather cagey.  I suspect at some point she’ll face Stockholm, bow, take a shot of aquavit and say ‘hurrah’ four times.

So, from one sovereign* to another, happy birthday King Gustav.

*I am, after all, emperor of the TwShiloh media empire.


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