The Battle for Brimstone Hill

My fellow reenactors from the Royal Sussex Regimental Society represented in a special event reenacting the Battle for Brimstone Hill is St. Kitts.

Here’s a great video of the event from a local media outlet.

While my fellow 35th grenadiers did a great job, I think those reenacting the roles of the local militia/slaves stole the show here.  According to my captain:

…these guys were St. Kitt’s/Nevis Defence Force soldiers (1 sergeant, a lance corporal, a few privates) who were told they were going to do this. So, instead of hunting down drug runners on the seas or chasing Rasta marijuana farmers in the jungles, they took the week to be with us. The machetes were their own, the two muskets were provided from the US. On Monday Ken S. of the 23rd was training them what to do at the event…Note: Ken’s epee was dull, the machetes were most definitely not. Gun powder and firearms are illegal on the island as a whole (no 2nd Amendment there) so it was really difficult getting the gun powder to site.

They did another performance, essentially the same as this, before the Governor-General, Sir Cuthbert Sebastian, at a reception of dignitaries and government officials. It was at the conclusion of our show there that the 16th Light Dragoons presented one of their muskets to Cameron Gill, as seen in the video, as a donation to the fort itself. The Governor-General reviewed the British and Kittitian troops (those playing the French, like me, were face down in the dirt).

They wanted to emphasize the role the African people played during the historic occasion. And they most certainly did. It was a real pride point for the locals to see their own  playing their part in the Franco-British struggle for the destiny of their island home.

It just doesn’t get better than this…


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