Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

In praise of stupid terrorists

I often bemoan the cumbersome, dim-witted practices of law enforcement/homeland security intelligence shops but let’s be fair.  The terrorists are so much worse that it can be difficult to argue why any improvements are necessary.

Case(s) in point:

The five knuckleheads that are charged with wanting to blow up a bridge in Cleveland.  I’m not going to get into whether the FBI was too zealous or not.  What I find shocking is how little these guys knew.  I’m not complaining but I have to admit I’m shocked that these guys didn’t even do a simple google search to see how other plots failed.  After all, it seems like this was a replay of the Ft. Dix Six.

Who, in their right mind (and maybe that’s your clue right there) decides to engage in criminal activity and divulges their intent with a complete stranger?

Hey, would be terrorists.  Here’s a hint.  If someone claims to be able to get military weapons or C4, odds are very good they’re lying or your about to get arrested.  Think about it.  If C4 was easy to get you wouldn’t be talking to a complete stranger trying to get some, right?  Now imagine you’re the type of person who really can get C4.  Would you be talking to a dumbass like you?

Absolutely not.

And if you’re the sort of person who would buy a ‘bomb’ from some complete stranger like couch off of Craigslist, you do know that at best (from your point of view) you’re going to get ripped off.  More likely, you’re about to get arrested.  That goes double if you can’t tell the difference between a real bomb and a dummy.

Hey, but stupidity isn’t the exclusive property of anarchists.  The latest issue of Inspire, is either demonstrating al-Qaeda’s desperation or the fact that it’s been thoroughly infiltrated by intelligence agencies.

You see, the latest issue contains an interesting moronic idea:

The idea is for interested would-be jihadists to pitch al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s military committee on an attack. To qualify, you must be a Muslim; must possess “maturity”; and be skilled in “listening and obeying.” The terrorist group provides a public encryption key and a handful of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts where you can send your idea about who or what you’d like shoot, stab or detonate. If you’re approved, off you go to kill infidels, unencumbered by any traditional terrorist cell.

One of the big reasons homegrown violent extremists and lone wolves are freaking everyone out is that they’re their own little islands.  Their lack of communication with others means there are fewer opportunities to identify them.

So…AQAP’s plan is for all these cranks to email/post whatever their plans and resume.  Yep…sounds like a great plan.  After all, all communication on the internet is total private and untraceable.