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Quatre Bras on fire

Another great app I picked up by accident recently is DK Simulations’ Quatre Bras which is a nice little wargame which covers the Napoleonic battle of…well, I guess you’ve figured this out by now…Quatre Bras.

A British infantry square depicted in the pain...







I didn’t have high expectations for a wargame on my tablet (much less one that cost less than $2) but I was pleasantly surprised at what I got.  It’s got some limited playability (there are only so many units and areas for your forces to occupy so once you figure out the best tactics you’re on your way to repeated crushing victories) so if you find yourself jonsin’ to defeat an enemy while your waiting for the mechanics to finish with your car, it’ll do.

There are a couple of options to keep you going:  You can play as the French or the Coalition.  Victory is based upon objectives held as well as if the French have to call upon reinforcements (which give the Coalition 1 or 2 victory points, depending on who is summoned).  You can also play normal (8 turns) or extended scenarios (uh…something more than 8 turns).

For less than $2 this is a great deal.  Enjoy…