Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

Alternate hypothesis – Chris Christie editio

Lunghu provides an interesting interpretation of a recent headline about the New Jersey Governor.

Although the piece is ostensibly about the many out-of-state speaking engagements that His Hugeness has scheduled during the past year, the headline actually conveys another message –in coded language that only some of the Star-Ledger’s readers understand.  That message, for those of you who didn’t already know, proclaims that Chris Cristie is a freemason operating in the service of the order.

I once asked a mason if they got to wear funny hats and once he said ‘no’ I completely lost interest in the whole organization.  So, all I know about the masons comes from Monty Python:


Italy hates America!

We now hear that Italy has decided to express its contempt for America by taking an incredibly hostile stance.  For several decades American ex-pats that had been peacefully living in Italy have been targeted for death or forced sterilization by Italian authorities.

These Italians aren’t even hiding their psychopathy…their sick, genocidal behavior is being conducted in the open.  The effort is being conducted out of an Italian ‘university’.  The leader?

…Andrea Balduzzi, a professor of natural sciences at the University of Genoa. At dawn, the professor and his student troops go after the invaders, armed with traps and cages.

This is what happens when we elect a socialist president who spends all his time apologizing for America and memorizing the Communist Manifesto and the Koran.