The Grey

Just saw The Grey last night and it’s a powerful film.  Definitely worth a second look (or a third including whatever commentary is available) to pull out the themes and messages it has.

Coincidentally, I had just been thinking about how hard it is to convey a sense of terror or dread to an audience that knows it’s sitting in a comfortable theater or living room.  How does one get even a small sense of mortality as you’re munching on popcorn?

The Grey seemed to do so quite well in a number of places.  But, all this is for another post.  I talk about it here because of this news story I saw from yesterday.

A zoo employee is Sweden was attacked and killed by a pack of wolves when she (I assume) went into their enclosure to do some scheduled work.

The incident occurred just after 11am on Sunday morning. According to eye-witness reports, the woman went into the enclosure, was surrounded and then attacked, wrote the Aftonbladet newspaper.

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