Kvick Tänkare

Your weather forecast (h/t Geeks are Sexy).  ‘How about this to finish out the workweek?’

Homeland Security Watch has a nice compare/contrast piece between the reactions of the CDC and the EPA to ridiculous rumors.

Really enjoy celery and lettuce but hate having to buy it? Well, here’s how you can have a never ending supply.  My understanding is that you can do the same with lettuce and other stuff.

Worried about deforestation?  Well, some scientists think that the African savannas are about to become huge tracts of forested land because of all the CO2 in the atmosphere.  I’m a bit dubious as I imagine any trees growing will be cut for firewood or timber before forests really get to take hold.  If it does happen that might not be bad for sequestering carbon dioxide but probably won’t be good for the flora and fauna that has adapted to life on the savanna.

Huh…pretty effective slideshow breaking down our current economic problems.

I hope I live long enough to see them build a time machine.  Then, I’m going back in time to punch a puritan (and his snooty work-ethic)  in the nose.  It’s time for a slacker revolution.  But, tomorrow…I’ve got some gaming to do right now.

Paul Greenberg is guest blogging on Mark Bittman’s NYTimes food blog about his fishing trip to Alaska.  Here’s his great description of Grizzly’s:

Here in the Alaska bush, as we see more and more signs of grizzly bears, all that quaintness vanishes and what you come to realize is that a grizzly bear is not omnivorous per se, but rather absolutely, desperately ravenous all the time. It’s as if a grizzly is a drunk or stoned guest barging into nature’s cupboard, ripping open the cabinetry and refrigerators and roaring, “ISN’T THERE ANYTHING TO EAT IN THIS PLACE?”

Ok, someone involved with minor league baseball is obviously taking some heavy duty drugs.  How else to explain the racing eyeballs and other kooky mascot races?

The Exorcist was a pretty scary movie when I first saw at a far too young 12 (it’s still pretty creepy).  If you don’t like scary movies but want to get the highpoints of the film check out this claymation synopsis.

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