Scandinavian drama

Mrs. TwShiloh and I have recently stumbled upon a couple of Scandinavian dramas that we can recommend highly.  I’m not sure what’s going on with those Scandinavians but they’re making some pretty good TV and movies lately.

First is Anno 1790, which is a crime drama that takes place in Stockholm at the end of the 18th century.  That time period is pretty exciting as it’s right after the French Revolution and a few years before the Swedish king will be assassinated.  The main character is a sympathizer of the enlightenment but finds himself working for the powers of the status quo.

I’ve watched fewer than half of the 10 episodes and it definitely getting a Holmes/Moriarty feel to it.  It’s not derivative though and there’s a lot of 18th century and Scandinavian newness here to keep you occupied.  You can get the whole season from Amazon with English subtitles.

Here are the first 15 minutes from the first episode:

The second series is a Norwegian series called Lilyhammer.  It revolves around a NY mafia member who decides to testify against his former compatriots.  In exchange we wants to enter the witness protection program.  Unlike other mob informants, however, he demands to be set up in Lillehammer, Norway.  I’d describe this as a cross between My Cousin Vinny and the Sopranos.  Not as over the top comedic as the former or heavy and grim as the latter.

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