Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

We are all Singaporeans!

We cancel our regularly scheduled blogpost for this work (courtesy of both i09 and Foreign Policy).

Singapore has one of the world’s lowest birthrates.  The city-state is trying to get its citizens to get busy and the people behind Mentos are helping out.  Since August 9th (today) is Singapore’s ‘National Day‘ Mentos is trying to encourage Singaporeans to make their own fireworks after the official celebration is over.  It’s being described as ‘awkward’ but I’m not so sure.  It seems to me like they just decided to own it and put a little fun into the whole thing.

Usually we only declare our solidarity with others when some tragedy strikes.  ‘We’re all Americans‘, ‘We’re all Georgians‘, ‘We’re all Sikhs now‘.   Well, ladies and gentlemen, today I call upon all of us to declare proudly to that special someone (or, that girl at the coffee shop or the guy in the…where ever guys hang out) ‘We’re all Singaporeans now!’.

Feel free to get your freak on all and move about the cabin.