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The Muslim threat

Four radical Muslims were recently charged for planning on launching a series of attacks in America and installing a government run by Sharia law.  Unlike other less than competent terrorists these evildoers spent almost $90,000 on weapons and killed two people in furtherance of their goals.


Haven’t heard about this story?  What’s going on?  Is this the result of the crypto-Socialist/Muslim agenda and liberal media apologizing for terrorists and endangering patriotic Americans?  Where is the Fox/CNN specials and congressional inquiries


Oh…sorry about that.  I got a few points of the story wrong.


It wasn’t Muslims after all.  It was a group of U.S. soldiers.


Is it just me or does anyone find it odd that this group who took real, concrete actions in furtherance of a plot to launch attacks in the U.S. get charged by a county prosecutor while the FBI trips over itself to charge every groups of bumblers and incompetents it can entice into jihad (wait, there are even more)?


Imagine, if you will, what the response from the media and the government would be had these guys had names like ‘Muhammad’, ‘Sayed’, ‘Nidal’, etc. Does anyone not think that the current circle jerk in Florida wouldn’t pivot its focus to talk about how the president is failing the country and how this event proves we need more troops, more surveillance, more erosion of freedoms?


But…these are 4 white guys.  And everyone learned the lesson about what happens when you try to link those guys to terrorism.  But…a few dozen people engaging in peaceful protest?  Lock ’em up!  After all, they might be terrorists!


But the media at least is covering all its bases.  They are picking up on the current terrorist flavor of the week…ANARCHISTS!



It appears these people are being declared anarchists based on the fact they have anarchist tattoos (you know, the A with a circle around it).


Anarchist s Anarchist s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t want to comment too much on this aspect of the case since I’ve only got some really sketchy open source reporting to go on but we should consider that the use of a symbol does not necessarily mean one agrees with the ideology commonly associated with that symbol.

In any case, as al-Qaeda is finding it increasingly difficult to mount operations in the U.S., the homeland security machine and fear industry needs another target to justify its existence.  What better group than anarchists…they’re here.  Nobody really understands what they are. Take it away Blitz!

It’s groundhog day all over again.

This is all about selective targeting of ‘undesirable populations’ and has nothing to do about threat.  After all, if the homeland security community was concerned about people who threaten to violently overthrow the government they’d check out this guy or this guy.  Can anyone honestly say that if a Muslim or an anarchist publicly said something like this they wouldn’t (at a minimum) get a good examination by the FBI and quite probably be the subject of an undercover investigation?

But we can’t do that.  These terrorists vote.

This should really erode your confidence in homeland security efforts.  It reflects a huge blind spot.  The focus remains on ‘da Muzlims’ (they’re safe since they don’t vote and are dirty foreigners) and the powerless.  The focus remains on past threats rather than looking objectively at likely, potential future threats.

It ensures we will be surprised again and again and continue asking ‘Why didn’t we see this coming?  Why didn’t we connect the dots?’

Oh, and the soldier plot?  Looks like maybe the leader was involved with the right crowd a few years ago.