Just avert your eyes and pretend there’s nothing to see…

It may go unnoticed as time passes but I think my nation suffered two serious blows to its honor and integrity over the past decade.  The first was the decision to engage in torture.  Acting like frightened little creatures backed into a corner, people who should have known better panicked and threw our principles away for a dubious El Dorado of security.

The second blow was the decision to allow those perpetrators of torture to escape justice as if it never happened.  For some of the same behavior that earned others in past wars a charge of ‘crimes against humanity‘ and a war crimes trial, our torturers will get promotions, pensions and who knows…maybe even ponies

And we didn’t even try to hide our actions.  Instead, we had people lining up not just to defend these actions but the revel in them.  To brag about them.  To wish for us to embrace torture as a normal and acceptable way to do business.  To declare that we should return to torturing.

Go ahead and watch…

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