Nordic roundup

What do you do when you’re the national intelligence service and you’ve had a busy 12 months with an attempted terrorist attack in the capital city, another plot in one of the nation’s major cities and a reorganization?sapo.jpg


Well, if you’re Sweden’s Säpo you take about $800,000 and throw a James Bond themed party for all your employees.


“This was a unique and extraordinary time and we’d been subjected to extreme pressure. We thought that we needed a special gathering for the whole security police team,” he told the paper.

I don’t know much about Säpo but I need to get a job with them…

The Finns, on the other hand, are up to their regular, no-nonsense selves.  There appear to be some threats on unidentified Finnish-language forums that are threatening the Finnish parliament.

Finally, keeping with the Nordic security theme (and part of the reason why the Finns give a damn about what any says on the interwebs) we have the Norwegians and Andres Breivik.  Here in America it goes without saying that he’d get the death penalty, even if there was compelling evidence he was insane (but, based on my imperfect understanding of this case, he doesn’t appear to have crossed that threshold into non-culpable insanity).  Personally, I’m not much in favor of capital punishment but Breivik makes about the best case for it you can find.

Max Fisher over at the Atlantic does a pretty good job of explaining not only how the Norwegians view criminal justice generally but also how that applies to Breivik specifically.  It does provide what appears to be a sensible alternative to our system of locking people up for long periods of time in conditions that seem to do little other than make them more dedicated (and violent) criminals.

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