Those crazy Swedes

This story is really most incredible.  Bonus points to anyone who can weave this into some sort of international spy thriller. So, this truck driver walks into a pizzeria and orders a beer (after having too many)…

Enraged at being cut off by staff at the pizzeria, the driver proceeded to urinate on other diners’ foo

His friends then started attacking other guests at the establishment on the belief someone had called police.

The angry driver then lost track of who was friend or foe, knocking flat one his friends who was trying to help the drunken 29-year-old find the door.

Pretty wild, right?  Oh, it’s not over yet…

While police detained the 29-year-old’s punched out friend, the irate driver managed to escape the scene, only to mysteriously turn up in another man’s kitchen a short time later, bloodied and wearing only his underwear.

The proprietor of the kitchen into which the 29-year-old stumbled kindly offered to give the man a ride, only to find himself eating a knuckle sandwich courtesy of the rampaging truck driver as they made their way to the good Samaritan’s car, according to the paper.

Later in the evening, the 29-year-old tried to steal a car parked in a nearby driveway.

Ok, let’s wind this up…

The drunken driver…was eventually tracked down by police after he left his credit card and a pack of cigarettes in the car he’d attempted to steal.

Whew…that’s exhausting.  How about a bite to eat?

Surströmming – Fermented herring that reportedly (I’ve never smelled it) smells so bad that it will clear out any room in which it is opened.

I’m not kidding…check this out.

So bad, in fact, that some person smelling it in their apartment building reported it as a gas leak, bringing out the emergency services.

On Saturday, two fire trucks, two police cars and an emergency gas leak team all rushed towards the Stockholm neighbourhood Södermalm, having been alerted by concerned neighbours who smelled gas in the stairwell, but the unpleasant smell turned out to come from something less dangerous.

Mrs. TwShiloh is a pretty patriotic Swede but even she won’t lay claim to this dish.



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