The Horror!

Some really good looking horror movies are peculating through the entertainment digestive track…

Mama, take some kids raised by themselves in the woods for years…add a creepy ghost…buckle up

Maybe kids are becoming the next monster (look out, zombies).  Citadel seems to be about cannibalistic kids roosting in an abandoned apartment complex.

So, what if all those tin foil hat wearers are right after all and the world is run by a secret cabal?  The Conspiracy takes the fake documentary trope to find out.  This one could go either way.  I like the idea but there are so many ways it could go wrong I won’t get my hopes up.

2 responses to “The Horror!

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  2. The Conspiracy is actually supposed to be really good; I have yet to read a negative review. As far as Mama goes, I can think of NO plausible scenario where seeing it would *not* give me nightmares. I watched the 3-minute short it is based on (same director) and that gave me a nightmare… though it could have also been the fact that I watched “The Orphanage” that same day.
    Cool blog!

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