Nordic roundup

Absolutely, amazing site by Helsingin Sanomat that takes pictures from early 20th century Helsinki and compares them with modern views of the same places.  Time sink alert!

You know Stellan Skarsgård.  He played ‘Bootstrap’ Bill Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean and was in Mamma Mia.  Well, he gives an interview which, I think, provides an outsider’s view of America that probably isn’t too unique among our European cousins.

…there are a lot of fantastic things about America, and half of Americans are pretty sane. You have a lot of interesting culture, writers, filmmakers, and intellectual debate, which is fabulous. But it is difficult to accept a system where the level of the political debate is such that Republican senators or congressmen that have gone to great universities can stand up and say, “If you get healthcare it is socialism and your grandmas will be shot.” And nobody says anything!

But elitism isn’t dead among the Swedish political classes.  The mayor of Hörby had a mural painted in the municipal building and had his face painted on the image of a Roman legionary. A local police officer had his face placed on a legionary escorting Christ.

Insert your own interpretation of what that means and if that is the sort of imagery you’d want your local law enforcement to demonstrate.

The mural sounds like a hot mess with allusions not only to Christ but also the the Arab Spring, a 17th century anti-Swedish insurgent movement of Danes.  I apologize for not finding an image of the mural but, upon reflection, perhaps it’s best I didn’t.


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