It’s October which means we here at TwShiloh are coming up on another year of successful blogging.

I had many reasons for starting this blog, lo these many years ago, but one was to run an experiment.  Could someone write about intelligence analysis from the ground level?  Would there be any interest in this sort of stuff?  Would there be enough to write about?

I think the answer to those questions are all ‘yes’.


While I love running this blog the posting schedule is pretty intense for a one-man operation.  I’ve got a number of new projects I want to work on, that I hoped to make some progress on over the past year, but the blog is a jealous god and she does not like sharing my attention.

Also, I’m getting the feeling that I’m running out of things to say.  I need to do new things, get some new experiences under my belt, expose myself to new ideas and then process them.

So, soon (I don’t know exactly when), I will be scaling back my posting schedule.  If I’m in your feeds, please don’t drop me…I still plan on posting at least once a week but if you enjoy your daily dose of TwS with your morning coffee you’ll probably need to start looking for an alternative.

We’ll see if I can stay away from regular blogging (I’m not sure I can after all this time).

Before then, however, I have some long pieces I need to write and get out.  Then, I’ve got a number of projects that I’ll probably share here.  There’s probably another week or so of daily reporting but I figured I’d give y’all some time to gird yourselves.

So, stay tuned.  ‘Cause shit’s about to get real…

Oh, before I go, I know there are some regular readers out there.  A few of you I’ve corresponded with and others, I suspect, have lurked in the corners.  My email is up in the corner there, I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on my little experiment here.  What did (do) you like and what could you do without?  What would you like to see in the future?

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