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Lindsey Graham doesn’t know jack about terrorism

Lindsey Graham made the unfortunate decision to go on Meet the Press yesterday to talk about the Benghazi attack.  The appearance reminded me of a quote attributed to Mark Twain.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Here’s the clip.

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Just a couple of points:

Graham says that the Benghazi attack ‘destroys the narrative that al-Qaida‘s been destroyed and bin Laden’s dead.’

Ok, are we not going to have to listen to tin foil hat theories that bin Laden isn’t actually dead?  Given the rejection of reality from the right recently I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but let’s give Lindsey a pass on this point and chalk it up to him being nervous given this must be his first time on the TV.

Second, it completely escapes me how the Benghazi attack ‘proves’ that al-Qaida is resurgent. An attack occurs in a country that is emerging from a violent civil war, with little to no real control from the central government and with a plethora of weapons and that is the evidence that al-Qaida is roaring back to life?  Really?

The fact that al-Qaida has only been able to operate in such places is an indicator that they are, in fact, ‘decimated’.  Remember the last time al-Qaida was able to carry off an attack in the West?  Think hard…

Yeah, almost eight years ago.  And while time isn’t the only (or necessarily a very good) indicator of future terrorist activity, it is very hard to imagine that al-Qaida has been biding their time over the past eight years and waiting for this totally awesome moment to bring the West to their knees.  If they could have launched an attack by now they would have.  Al Qaida isn’t like Monty Pythons Spanish Inquisition…

But, Graham, along with his neo-con pals ‘Get off my lawn!’ McCain and Droopy Dog have resisted any move that takes the country away from where it was in the afternoon of 9/11.  These guys simply are in love with the idea of perpetual war and will fight anyone who even suggests that the threat might be a smidgen lower.

And, of course, McCain & Co. remain pissed that he lost in 2008 even though he ran such a brilliant campaign and made such good decisions.

Al-Qaida is a Gimp Al-Qaida is a Gimp (Photo credit: silverfox09)