Kvick Tänkare

Foreign Policy takes a look at the stuff a rebel commander from the DRC carries.  Really interesting stuff, particularly for the amount of technology it includes.

It appears some Swedes are looking to even up the score in terms Scandinavian horror movies(the Norwegians seem to be on a role lately in producing good quality horror).  Playing to their Nordic strengths, this movie will rely on a monster from local folklore called the ‘vittra‘.

Slate has an interesting piece about inter-species cooperation between human and dolphins.  In one small Brazilian city, the two work together to catch fish.

If you thought the F-35 was a boondoggle that is unique to 21st century American defense procurement, Sven at Defense and Freedom has a nice piece of satire about German aircraft development from WWII.  As they say, the more things change…

Spiegel has this picture from the Syrian rebels.  Who knew you could mash up indirect fire capability along with sensible gas mileage?

A mortar that belongs to the Free Syrian Army fighters, is pictured attached to a car to be pulled to the front line in Binnish in Idlib province

I’m sure this is a metaphor for something…I just can’t put my finger on what:

According to the Dallas Morning News, on Monday afternoon a Fort Worth police officer used his Taser to subdue a 19-year-old man dressed as “Lady Liberty” when he refused to comply with an order.


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