How the mighty have fallen….

Wow…who would have thought it could happen.  I think I’m actually feeling sorry for al-Qaida.  The terrorist masterminds who brought us 9/11 are now reduced to…these:

1)  Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb was flying pretty high a year ago.  They were kicking ass in Mali, portrayed as the next ‘big thing’ in terrorism circles.  They were, as the young people say, ‘the shit’.  And then the French invaded and ruined everything.  So, what’s an ambitious terrorist group to do after suffering several military defeats?

Make a video game, of course.  An incredibly lame video game.  In the game, you play the pilot of a jihadi fighter plane (?!) that fights the French air force.  Does anyone other than me find it ironic that the Jihadi air force is comprised of the Su-47?  I mean…the defenders of the faith flying an aircraft made by godless successors to the Soviet Union?

And at some point does it ever irk these fighters that virtually all the weapons they use are created by people they consider the enemy?  I mean, it’s not like there’s even an authentic jihadi assault rifle that hasn’t been created and sold by infidels.  Don’t games that pretend there’s an Islamic air force just make the true believers feel more inadequate?

2)  Inspire #10:  For awhile, the idea that al-Qaida was producing a slick, English language magazine with instructions for attacks was pretty frightening.  Then, after a few issues, the shine began to wear off.  After al-Awaki and Samir Khan (who were the driving force behind the magazine) were killed by drone in 2011, the quality did a quick nosedive from which is hasn’t recovered.  Now, just pumping something out is seen as a sort of a victory by the al-Qaida types (and the counter terrorism folks who prophet off them) but it’s getting harder and harder to take this stuff seriously.   The latest big al-Qaida tactic that’s going to bring the West to their knees?  Setting cars on fire and causing automobile accidents.  Yeah, knocking down the twin towers didn’t do it but giving me a fender bender in the Whole Foods parking lot is totally going to get us to surrender.

#3 And finally, poor, poor Oman Hammami.  If you don’t feel sorry for this guy, your heart is two sizes too small.  The would be jihadis left sunny California for the badlands of Somalia…Then he got involved in some tribal politics, a death threat from one side, a couple of twitter fights, a $5 million dollar bounty from the U.S. government for his capture and credit for some shitty rap songs.  And this was the guy we were afraid would serve as a beacon for hordes of young American kids to take up the mantel of jihad and run riot.  Meh…not so much.




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