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The new fall (well, late summer anyway) lineup…

Don’t think I’ve been remiss about posting here regularly, loyal reader.  Well, I haven’t been posting regularly but I’ve got a good excuse.  No, really, I do.

I just got back from two weeks in Sweden and was gathering up lots of stories to write about.  In fact, it’s a bit intimidating getting back into the blog swing of things because I’ve got so much material I’m not quite sure where to begin.

So, this post is really functioning as a kick off point to get me moving.  Stay tuned…

Ah…that’s better….

Free Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • death (4x)
  • ass (3x)
  • drugs (2x)
  • dangerous (1x)

You’ll need to show some ID here

 I got this from Armchair Generalist.  It does some sort of search to determine what your blog is rated.  I got this PG-13 because I used the word ‘ass’ four times and ‘shoot’ once.

Free Online Dating

I can’t believe I didn’t even get an ‘R’.  I mean I wrote about drugs, prostitution, genocide…what’s it take to be declared edgy around here?

Maybe I should just shoot up some heroin, snort some cocaine and hire some hookers…..

You’re looking for what?

Occasionally, I like to look at the search terms that bring people to this site and try to figure out what people were really looking for.  Here is a quick list of some of the most interesting terms used that brought people to this blog.

I can only assume that the internet is filled with potential hooligans, bizarre fetishists and stoners…

  • best army latrine graffiti
  • guy peeing in urinal
  • running monkey drawing
  • taser potato cannon ignition
  • eat only ramen
  • Bagram massage
  • growing dope
  • “Star Trek: The Next Penetration”
  • exposed ass
  • pastor hid camera in bathroom -“leon har
  • is cheese good for cats
  • unit 4 we have a little cheese
  • sweden zombies
  • ripped my underwear

Do you have any jeans in something less than 3 dimensions?

Here’s a shocking article about some fashion designers introducing a line of ‘sub zero’ size clothes. I don’t usually follow fashion news but this sort of thing bugs me. I’ve heard of “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammad, bring Mohammad to the mountain” but this is crazy.

I guess now it’s: “If the fat ass won’t diet or exercise, just change the size on the label”

I don’t think everyone has to be some sort of workout junkie (I’m certainly not) but c’mon people! Walk the dog! Do a push-up! Skip the pie!

Who’s visiting?


Well, we finally did it! I’m proud to announce we’ve just gone over 1,000 hits here at Travels with Shiloh! I decided to post where all you readers are coming from (I did this earlier here. It’s a bit disturbing to see that I’m getting hits from an ‘unknown’ country. I don’t know if that means someplace like Skull Island (where King Kong lives) or if Dick Cheney is reading my blog from his ‘undisclosed location’.

Feedback time!

Hey…This place has picked up around here in terms of feedback! I’d like to thank everyone who’d taken a few minutes to browse the posts here and even more to those who’ve posted a comment. It’s nice to know someone is enabling my delusions of grandeur! I feel it’s only polite to acknowledge posts in some way but I’m not really sure how to do that yet. But, rest assured, gentle reader that I do read and appreciate the time you take to respond (except you ‘Sauceman’!). Also, even though he can’t read and probably thinks my laptop is ideally shaped to pee on, I’m sure on some level this whole blog thing is feeding Shiloh’s ego more than mine (and for those of you that know me that’s a scary thought). So, keep reading! We’re over 850 hits so far and that’s not too shabby…

Shout out to a reader!

In this post I wrote about a hair raising trip I took on a C-130 transport plane in Qatar. Today, I got this comment to this post.

I’m a C-130 pilot and have done 4 tours in Southwest Asia including 3 at Al Udeid. I enjoyed reading your post very much. Couldn’t agree with you more on how much of a drag it can be, but trust me, it could be a lot worse. By the way, if you need a sponsor for your next trip, just let me know. You’re not missing much off the base, just KFC and a couple of Starbucks kiosks. As for the engine shutdown and “Emergency Ground Egress” you went through, the only part I didn’t quite buy was when the loadmaster said he couldn’t get the door open. If he was properly motivated I don’t think it would have been that big of a problem. Thanks for flying the Herk! See you next deployment. Lee, Abilene TX

I don’t have an email to return a comment so I figured I do it here (besides, it is complementary and I never give up a chance to flaunt it when people complement me).

Anyway…first things first. To Lee (and all of you as well, my loyal readers), thanks for taking the time to read my posts and I’m glad you enjoy them.

Lee does call me out and I think (politely) implies I might have exaggerated the story a bit. I went back to check my “rules” for this blog and realize that I did leave out one important point.

My ‘flashback’ stories may not totally jive with how events actually happened. Instead I try to describe what was going through my head while those events were happening. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t make stuff up, I just might ’embellish’ it a bit for dramatic effect (either to get laughs, sympathy or expensive gifts).

That being said, the part about the door not opening is, in fact, true. The whole episode probably took less than 10 seconds and I think he did get the door open, but by that time we were filing out another door closer to the front of the plane.

I should also say that I’ve flown on a few military aircraft by now (mostly C-130s but also a couple of C-17s) and I can honestly say that the crews on those aircraft were the some of the most professional and squared away that I’ve ever seen. They always took great care of the wounded soldiers I was sharing flights with and exhibited the utmost respect during those times fallen soldiers were on board.

So..my hat’s off to you. I hope I won’t be able to take you up on your offer to be my sponsor in Qatar but if you’re ever in the Ft. Dix/McGuire AFB area, drop me a line and if I’m around, the first beer’s on me.

How the heck did you end up here?

There’s a free site that I’ve added to my blog that lets me count how many people have vistied here and other interesting, but useless, statistics. Among them, I can see what site brought a visitor to my blog. Some times, I’m guessing they checked out my site from a random link (blogger.com will keep a list of blogs that have recently been updated for people to check out and lets visitors go to a random blog), saw a link on my flikr.com page or had a link from some other source. What’s really interesting though is that some people use a search engine for some reason or another and end up at my blog. I can see what those people searched for. So, here a partial list of some terms people plugged into Google or some other search engine and (I’m sure, much to their dismay) arrived here… I’ve bolded the ones I think are particularly interesting.

shiloh kings

shiloh dean

blogspot diuretic pee

worst mattress

serta mattress

landmine victims photos

rash Shiloh

nine toes after mower accident

the devil made me do it

goose dinner

serta mattress comments

pictures of shiloh the beagle

allergy to pomegranates

I like to try to imagine what was going on in someone’s life to make them type in some of these terms to a search engine. If any of you happened to stumble upon this blog by typing in one of these terms and stuck around drop me a line and tell me what the hell you were thinking when you typed that query.

The suspense is building!!

Here’s another chance to take the great ‘Travels with Shiloh’ survey to determine which (if any) logo I should use for this site (and merchandice for the upcoming world tour). I’ll be closing down the survey at the end of this week so vote early (and often!)