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Trying out new digs

As you’ve noticed, I’m playing around with different looks for the blog.  I’ll probably be altering the looks for a bit until I settle on one that feels good.

Comments and preferences are always welcome…

Housecleaning issues

Just a few odds and ends to keep things here at TwShiloh HQ running smoothly…

I never officially announced it but I’m on Twitter (lord help us).  Primarily, I use this to announce new postings from here and occasional flotsam and jetsam but it might get more use in the future.  Click to follow here.

Welcome The Thoughtful Animal to the blogroll.  If you have any interest in animal behavior and cognition this is a superb site.

Peter from The Strategist has started another blog called The Doomsday Device for his fiction.  This is good for two reasons:

  1. His fiction is really good and you’re going to want to be able to read it all together and in one place
  2. It demonstrates that he easily caves to peer pressure and I’m sure we can now bully him into sinking his life savings into financing a big budget movie version of his stories.

The 1001 names of me

The Armchair Generalist was kind enough to link to a post I wrote today and it occurred to me that I’ve littered the internets with a dizzying array of monikers.  So many, in fact, that occasionally I get confused.  But this is a legacy of impulsive registration log ons (sign up now…it’s free!), cookie management and just outright laziness.

I’ve thought about trying to streamline my online names but 1) I fear that people wouldn’t realize I’m the same person as the one with the old screen name and 2) I’m too much of a slacker.

The TwShiloh year in review!

Some of the most popular posts and my favorites

I wrote this explanation of the difference between the Tactical, Operational, and the Strategic a while ago but it remains my most popular post by a huge margin. 

I attended a course in Intelligence analysis early this year and wrote a five part review of it.  More important than the specifics of the course, I tried to hit on a number of underlying themes that impact analysis generally which might be of interest to a more general audience.

During Halloween, a few bloggers did a remake of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds by live-blogging the invasion.  If you’ve got some time to kill, follow the various links around the internets…

And, of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t try to warn the world, yet again, about the threat from Swedish zombies

Some of the weird/disturbing search terms that directed people here in the past year:

  • zombie florists
  • stab wound through hand
  • unusual urinals
  • the metric system and dracula
  • is it wrong to play footsie with ur aunt (uh, yes it is -eds.)

Temporarily away from blogging

Blogging will be light for the next 7 to 10 days as we’re in the process of moving the TwS world headquarters. Our new, state of the art facilities will better enable us to provide you, loyal readers, with high quality, cutting edge technology and commentary that is almost as good as the most adequate from the mid-20th century.

Osama? Is that you?

I like to check the stats associated with this blog to not only see how many people have visited but also how they arrived here.  Did they click through some other website or did the great and wonderous god of google wave his wonderous series of tubes to direct people here?

Sometimes I get some pretty wierd search terms:

  • Killer badgers in Iraq
  • sleestak
  • where is the best heroin
  • sweden zombies

But today I got quite a surprise when I saw this under the search terms:   سلاح رشاش

So, according to google translate it means ‘automatic weapon’.

Uh oh.  This doesn’t sound good.   Quick…where’s Michael Chertoff?  Raise the threat level to red!  Where’s the duct tape?  Damn it, man, sound the alarm!